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                    CALLIN’ THE NAME

               (Parody of Hickory Wind by Gram Parsons & Bob Buchanan.)


           In mem’ries of childhood, there’re many glad times

           I remember mimosa trees that I used to climb

          But now when I’m lonesome, I always begin

          Callin’ the Name of Jesus again


           I’d start out just worryin’ about ev’rything

          All the riches and pleasures and all life could bring

          But it makes me feel better each time I begin

          Callin’ the Name of Jesus again


          It’s so hard when you find out that trouble is real

          But I know He can handle; God knows how I feel

          But it makes me feel better each time I begin

          Callin’ the Name of Jesus again

          I’m callin’ the Name of Jesus again.

             (Tickson Music, Hot Burrito Music & Polly Parsons Publishing, BMI)

                  Parody lyrics by Jack H Hopkins

                 © 2018 Great Jeshoshaphat Music, ASCAP

Callin' the Name
100 Years From Now


                (Parody of 100 Years From Now by Gram Parsons)

         One hundred years from this day

         If Jesus— has not come back

         Some sayin’ He ain’t comin’ back another day

         Everyone says it’s worse now

         They say our country’s cursed now

         When Jesus comes back

         You know He’s gonna take His children away.


          Nobody knows the hour or the day

          When Jesus comes back again,

          You know He’s gonna take us away

          One hundred years from this time

          Would anybody change their mind

          And find out they should have trusted Jesus for their fate?

          But people are always talkin’

          You know they’re always balkin’

          Time is now to decide

          Or you know it’s gonna be too late.

               (repeat Chorus)

               (Hot Burrito Music/Polly Parsons Publishing, BMI)

                    Parody lyrics by Jack H Hopkins

                   © 2016 Great Jehoshaphat Music, ASCAP

                    GATES OF THE CITY

                           (Parody of Blue Canadian Rockies by Cindy Walker.)



             In the beautiful gates of the City

             We will fin’lly be restored

             With our fam’ly, friends and loved ones

             In the fellowship of the Lord.


             Now, oh, how You helped when my lonely heart did ache

             When my fam’ly left me behind

             And, oh, what a sweet reunion that will be

             With the fam’ly who’re waiting for me


                (repeat Chorus)



             One day my name will be called

             And I will have known His love so true

             In the beautiful gates of the City

             And the One I long to see

             He’s the One I long to see


                    (Golden West Melodies, BMI)

                      Parody lyrics by Jack H Hopkins

                     © 2018 Great Jeshoshaphat Music, ASCAP

Gates of the City
Life in Heaven

                        LIFE IN HEAVEN

               (Parody of Life in Prison, M. Haggard, J. Saunders.)


              The jury found the verdict: first degree

              The judge pronounced my sentence: death to be

              I prayed “oh Lord, I don’t wanna die”

              But He wanted me to live so I’d know why



              So I’ll spend life in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ

              He’s the One (who) paid for my sins with His own life

             My life will be a blessing every day

             And when I die, I’ll see His lovely face


             With trembling hands, I prayed down on my knees

            “O Lord, I beseech Thee, save me please”

             His love for me will last a long, long time

             And when I die, I’ll live with Him on high.


                        (repeat Chorus and last line twice)


                             (Owen Publications, BMI)

                                 Parody lyrics by Jack H Hopkins

                                © 2016 Great Jeshoshaphat Music, ASCAP

Nothing is Impossible

                   NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

                  (Parody of Nothing Was Delivered by Bob Dylan)


      Nothing is impossible; not when you’re dealing with the Lord

      It doesn’t matter what men may say, because I stand upon His Word

      There are situations you find yourself; no solution can you see

      Put your trust complete in Jesus and your problems solved will be.



      Nothing is better; trusting is best

      Take care of yourself and let Him do the rest.


      Now, nothing was accomplished when you tried it by yourself

      Y’know we all like to handle our own lives as we know best

     Now I hope you won’t object to this when I tell you what is true

     And the sooner you submit to Him, the sooner He’ll see you through


                    (repeat Chorus)


      No, nothing is impossible; that is what I say to you

      And you can choose to believe it or just pretend to muddle through

      But if only you’d surrender, and take His will as your own

     You’d see, the Lord, He has a plan for you

     No, you can’t handle it alone.


                    (repeat Chorus) 


                 (Dwarf Music, SESAC)

                       Parody lyrics by Jack H Hopkins

                      © 2018 Great Jehoshaphat Music, ASCAP

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