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My Songs.

                        Cover art by Jesse Davis. © 2018 JHH.

I'm pleased to offer my first full album SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO (Parody Album) © 2018 JHH. It's a Christian parody of [SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO by The Byrds from 1968 on SONY/CBS/Columbia Records.] This recording is not affiliated with CBS and is presented under the FAIR USE ruling of the Supreme Court in 1994 for religious and educational purposes. It will be of interest to those who remember the music of The Byrds and all who enjoy country-oriented gospel music and bluegrass. 

My idea for the album began with my love for The Byrds SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO, one of my all-time favorites for its gospel and country spirit. It has always been a very uplifting and cheerful album to me (and I suspect many others). If I am feeling down or uninspired, listening to this album always lifts me up. So I thought "what if this were an ALL-CHRISTIAN album? That would be even better!" So with prayer and determination I began writing parodies which the Lord has blessed and directed (including some that were replaced for legal reasons), resulting in a stronger album. I hope you will enjoy it and be blessed.


                 (Parody Album) 





         (Parody of You Don't Miss Your Water)​


         (Cover of You're Still On My Mind)

         (Parody of Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down)


      (Parody of Pretty Boy Floyd)

      (Parody of Hickory Wind)


       (Parody of 100 Years From Now)


      (Parody of Blue Canadian Rockies)


      (Parody of Life in Prison)


      (Parody of  Nothing Was Delivered)

[Bonus Tracks]


      (Jack H. Hopkins)



Sweetheart of the Rodeo (Parody Album)  cover art by Jesse Davis. Copyright 2018 JHH.

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For maximum enjoyment of this album, compare to THE BYRDS: SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO.

For maximum enjoyment of this album, please compare to THE BYRDS: SWEETHEART OF THE  RODEO.

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