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When I was 18 I began drinking with a couple of friends. During this time I drank to get drunk. Over a period of a year or so, I was drunk several times (once I was double drunk because I just didn't care). I realize I had some pain buried inside that I was trying to medicate myself for. This was before I accepted the Lord.

When I accepted the Lord in the fall of 1973 I felt I should not get drunk anymore, but I still had some problems inside. I was able to stop drinking until about 1975 when I found myself alone in a summer semester at college. I decided that I wanted to drink, but not get drunk. I figured that I would buy a bottle of wine, drink a glass of it and store the rest in the fridge until the next day. Well, that didn't work. I couldn't stop with one drink. Next thing I knew I had consumed the entire bottle and was drunk. Of course I felt guilty about this.

Ephesians 5:18 tells us "do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit." That night, the Holy Spirit came upon me strongly and I spent a couple of hours on my knees in serious prayer. He was indicating to me His displeasure in my drunkenness. In shame and regret I prayed unto the Lord to forgive me. I was conscious of the fact that it was a conflict of being drunken with wine and being filled with the Spirit in equal measure. Of course it was a few hours before I was sober, but the Lord had done something more that night that I didn't realize until years later in retrospect.

About ten years later (during which I didn't drink at all) I met a Christian friend who liked to drink a beer or two (or three) but I never saw him drunk, and it never caused any problems for him. He seemed to manage his drinking well. Knowing that it was not taking a drink that was sinful, but rather getting drunk, I began drinking socially. I decided that since I never wanted to be drunk again or even get a buzz, that MY LIMIT would be ONE DRINK. And that's what I was able to do. At the time I just thought (like every alcoholic) that I could control my drinking and that by setting a limit and sticking to it, I would be all right. Amazingly I was able to stop with just one drink, and I never got a buzz, neither did I want any more to drink. I even influenced people around me by sticking to my limit of one drink. I was shocked once that two other guys seated at a bar stopped at one drink after hearing me say that was my limit! But what really had happened didn't dawn on me for a number of more years.

A couple of years ago I was looking back at all that the Lord had led me through, including remembering the two periods of my drinking. As I thought about the second period (characterized by controlled limits), I realized that what had happened that troubled night in Nacogdoches in 1975 was more than just conviction and forgiveness. God had actually HEALED me from alcoholism! The more I thought about it, the more real it seemed. Someone may disagree with me on this, saying I wasn't drinking long enough that first time, but they don't know what happened to me. I know because I was there. And God knows.

I realized that the Lord HAD really healed me of alcoholism, because in the first period I had all the symptoms. I couldn't stop with just one drink. I HAD to get drunk. This is the disease or condition known as alcoholism.

The second period (of controlled drinking) needed to happen, because if I never drank alcohol again, I would never know what God had done. I rejoiced as I realized that it was not just my decision to limit myself to one drink that was significant. It was that I had in fact, been healed of alcoholism. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He healed me that wonderful but shameful night of the curse of alcoholism. If He hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to stop with one drink.

Believing that all healing comes from God, and that the Holy Spirit is the Healer, I proudly brag on Jesus, because He healed my heart of alcoholism! Praise the Lord!

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  • Writer's pictureJack Hopkins

Updated: May 21, 2018

SOTR (Parody Album) cover art by Jesse Davis. Copyright 2018 JHH.

YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE (parody of You Ain't Goin' Nowhere by Bob Dylan)

This new parody replaces The Name of Jesus on the album. It's all about the Rapture, which I believe will come soon. It references trying to do things on your own (and how we need to surrender to Jesus for His success). It also talks about the six foolish virgins in the Bible who missed out on the Wedding Feast because they were unprepared. When they tried to enter the Kingdom, they were told "sorry, I never knew you." What horrible words to hear from Jesus! If you are reading this, I hope you know (as the song says) "There's only one way, through Christ Jesus" to get to Heaven.

I AM A PILGRIM (cover of traditional song, arranged by R. McGuinn, C. Hillman)

This old gospel song was covered by the Byrds on their album Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Here I pay tribute to it by doing a cover version.


One of my all-time favorite Christian songs and I love the Byrds cover, even if some said McGuinn's voice imitation of Gram Parsons' original vocal seems parodied. Here I have chosen to use the Louvin Brothers' original lyrics for the song from their classic album SATAN IS REAL (1959).

YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING (parody of You Don't Miss Your Water by William Bell)

This parody of the song talks about how each person needs to know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord. It speaks of some of my past before coming to the Lord: "I was a playboy; I could not be true." Jesus was always near, patiently waiting until I was ready to come to Him, PTL.


(Cover of You're Still On My Mind by Luke McDaniel.) and...

(Parody of Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down by Merle Haggard.)

The combination of these two songs seems natural to me. It tells the story of a man who has lost in love and finds out that alcohol doesn't seem to numb his pain. Some of that relates to my past as well. Only Jesus can heal and deliver people from alcoholism.

JOHN THE BAPTIST (parody of Pretty Boy Floyd by Woodie Guthrie)

Instead of the story of Pretty Boy Floyd, I thought I'd rather sing about John the Baptist, who certainly had a very interesting story. Basically I have told the entire story in the parody lyrics. Forerunner of Christ who ended up losing his head...literally!

CALLIN' THE NAME (parody of Hickory Wind by Gram Parsons and Bob Buchanan)

This song replaces Serve the Lord with Gladness on the album. I was able to include some of my own childhood facts in the story. When we are in trouble or need comfort, direction and fellowship, call upon the name of Jesus!

100 YEARS FROM NOW (When Jesus Comes Back)

(Parody of 100 Years from Now by Gram Parsons.)

To set the record straight, the song does not say that it will be 100 years before Christ returns. He could come while you are reading this! But no one knows the hour or the day, not Jesus nor the angels in heaven, but only the Father.

Are you ready to go? Do you know for sure that Jesus has saved you? You can know by the Scriptures and by giving yourself completely to Him in prayer. Be sure to open up your heart and receive the Holy Spirit who will come in, just as He did when I received the Lord.

GATES OF THE CITY (parody of Blue Canadian Rockies by Cindy Walker)

This replaces Amazing Grace on the album. It talks about how the death of my parents was especially hard for me as a single person. I'm learning to trust in Jesus for everything and have written another song on that subject (not on this album) called As I Lay Down (Not Alone). One day there will be a wonderful reunion in heaven when I get there!

LIFE IN HEAVEN (parody of Life in Prison by M. Haggard, J. Saunders)

Who knew that a maudlin song about wishing for death in prison could be such an uplifting song? In spite of all the morbidity of Life in Prison, I always found it uplifting (at least on The Byrds album). I decided it would make a good parody of a man who is sentenced to death (or life in prison) but fears dying. Once he accepts Jesus as his savior, he is comforted knowing that whether he lives or dies, he belongs to the Lord.

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE (parody of Nothing was Delivered by Bob Dylan.)

This song replaces Now the Day is Over on the album. I'm most proud of writing parody lyrics which sound like Dylan's song. The Lord gave me 4 parodies when I asked Him for them. Four of the songs on this album were originally mashups and had hymn lyrics, but the owners refused to allow the mashups, so I asked God to give me 4 parodies and He did. It talks about how nothing is impossible when you're dealing with God. It also addresses giving control over to Him daily. I've found that even though I always tried to order out my days, His ways are higher and better. So part of the lyrical content is about trying and failing to do things your own way. Submit to Jesus and you'll be surprised how well things work out--not necessarily like we thought they would or wanted them to--but for the best.


THE NEW CHRISTIAN LIFE (original song I wrote in 1985 as a tribute song to The Christian Life by the Louvin Bros.)

You'll see many similarities to The Christian Life which I have rewritten into a brand-new song that can stand on its own. This is one of two songs inspired by The Christian Life. Another (not on this album) is called Just Because (from the album "fOR THE LORD"). The musical style here is not Louvin Brothers or Byrds, but rather like Jerry Jeff Walker (if he would get saved).


(a mashup of the hymn by Harriett Buell [public domain] and music The Wildwood Flower by A. P. Carter [public domain]. The only song with no copyrights except mine as arranger. This song proves to be a favorite of mine and those who hear it.

Removed from the album for legal reasons was the mashup

SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY by John Peterson and Alfred Smith. Music by A.P. Carter I Am Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes. Sadly, I'm not allowed to sell this one or distribute it at all. (But sometimes I can still sing it for free.)

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